What’s the mission of Music Rights Awareness?
We work to increase knowledge and communication within music rights across the world – to enable creators to take control of their rights and be compensated fairly for their music – regardless of their geographical, cultural or economical conditions.

What’s the financial situation of Music Rights Awareness?
Music Rights Awareness is a fundraising foundation that will consist of various projects. The founders have donated an initial start capital to the foundation and our first project, Music Rights in Africa, has been supported by Spotify and YouTube.

How can I donate to Music Rights Awareness?
Go to contact to get in touch with us.

How can I collaborate with Music Rights Awareness?
We are currently seeking new collaborations that are in line with our mission.
Go to contact and tell us more.

What is the connection between Music Rights Awareness and Auddly?
The founders of Music Rights Awareness – Niclas Molinder, Björn Ulvaeus and Max Martin – are also involved in Auddly. It was during their involvement in Auddly they discovered that the need for education in music rights was bigger than expected. They started Music Rights Awareness as a separate and neutral foundation to be able to work with the industry issues on a wider level.

Why is Music Rights in Africa your first project?
After a period of conversation with the African rights organization PASCA, we got a very good insight into how big the rights problem is, and it felt like a natural place to start our first project within Music Rights Awareness. We are planning to take this program to other parts of the world later on. Read more about Music Rights in Africa.